Packing and Truffles

It’s really getting close to moving day now, I have emptied my jars of stuff into bags and cleaned all my kitchen jars:

Empty jars

Haha! Good luck with those moving minions!

I have also been using up some more of the ingredients from the kitchen, in this case a tin of condensed milk and a load of demerara sugar to make a double quantity of these cookie dough truffles:

Cookie dough truffles

It’s my last official day of being employed today (I have technically been on holiday for the past couple of weeks), so I am going to meet up with some friends for my last Mothership Tuesday at Pieminister, and send them back to work with these little goodies!

Cookie dough truffles.

Yummers. If I hadn’t sent them to work, there was a high chance that I would eat them all and be sick. A really high chance.

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