“Cronut” making and farewell…..

… tonight was the last time we were going to see our friend Neil (until they come visit sometime next year).

Sad times.

So, I wondered about surprising him by making some Croissant dough, as the next challenge that he wanted to try to make (after the previous one of fondant fancies) was “Cronuts” NB. I am saying “Cronuts” but technically that is a trademarked name, these are just an imitation.

I was on the train this morning to Metafit and was thinking about whether we could really do it and fit it in, decided on spur of the moment to nip into Sainsbury’s on the way back home….

These are made from the Edd Kimber variation using his 20-minute croissant dough, except we didn’t fill them as we are trying to use up the cupboards, just a bit of icing and sprinkles on instead!

These are the basic ones, pre-frying – frying – post frying and sugar coated:

Basic Cronut

..and these are them after being artistically drizzled – iced – iced and sprinkled:

Iced Cronuts

It was my first time making any kind of croissant dough, and I was pleasantly surprised with how easily it came together using the rough puff type approach. I did it all by hand, rather than the food processor method stated however, as my food processor is already packed up in it’s box ready for the move! But it was pretty easy to do. I did the first stage this morning, rolling and folding at lunchtime, then we did the rolling, cutting, and frying this evening.

I think you’ll agree they worked pretty darn well, and I am sooooo pleased with how they came out!

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