We got our stuff!

This weekend we went out for brunch, then I took Mr M on his very first California hike (he had surgery on his knee a few months ago) at Almaden Quicksilver County Park:


Then on Sunday we took a drive up to Daly City to the Dickens Christmas Fair. FUN! Although I so wished I had costume! Next year. Next year.

Oh and then the container finally arrived this morning!

*happy dance happy dance happy dance*

Merry Christmas to us!


We had a two stage spreadsheet of all our 200 boxes (although if they hadn’t used an entire massive box, and pretty much a whole tree worth of paper to pack 2 bedside lamps…. and other wastes of space, then perhaps it might have taken up a little less space!), and worked all day unpacking and sorting, with still more to do (also, some of that unpacking was merely hiding stuff in cupboards so……), so shall have another session tomorrow and then perhaps we might even put the tree up and watch some awesome Christmas movies!

Hope everyone has a lovely time over the holiday period, and gets to spend time with their loved ones, even if, like us, it is via FaceTime or Skype!

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