Holiday Pyjamas.

Ever since I saw the post on Did You Make That? about her Christmas PJs. I wanted some new PJs! I wanted to make some new PJs. I was very envious and in want of her material, but alas, not really available. I had no space to make such things in the old place, I also didn’t really think the little machine would be able to cope with making them either, but once we got the keys to the new place….. I thought I would give it a go!

I got a few yards of some cozy flannelette printed fabric from Jo Ann, and Simplicity S0534. Then had to hunt out some tracing paper,as I’m a big fan of tracing patterns rather than using the original.

I cut a straight small, going by the measurements on the back……


So, do we go for the Simon Cowell look….. or the 90s Slacker?

Cowell or 90s Slacker


Hmmm. I chopped 4 inches off the top and re-did the waistband. The instructions call for the drawstring to be constructed in two pieces, joined by a strip of elastic at the back….. I decided to just have elastic all through the waistband, then use some grosgrain ribbon as a tie on top of that:


Simplicity S0534 Size S


Ummm yep.

“Does my bum look big in this?”

Ummm yep!?!

Yes it does.

It looks MASSIVE in fact.

This is actually the smallest size in the pattern, which is supposedly for men and women. Petite types STAY AWAY!

They are really comfy though. I can deal with looking like I have an ass the size of Texas. If I was more particular I would have lined up the stripes at the sides. But…………….. I ain’t that particular. And despite the ass issues, I kinda love them.

Cozy cozy cozy!

“But Lindsay, you live in California?”

Ahh shush now. Cozy PJs all the way!

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