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An inverted pleat sorbetto to make Patrick and May proud!

So, the other week I made an inverted pleat sorbetto. It was lovely. I even made my own binding and sewed it to the inside to finish the edges off all nicely….. but then realised….. perhaps I should have continued the pattern across the pleat….. Oooops. I maintain that the pattern doesn’t necessarily repeat, because […]

Painted Stone Pattern Weights

A little while back I made myself some pattern weights out of DIY washers. Love them. However, after using them for a while, a) I lost one (Boo), b) I realised I could do with more. I got the inspiration for these little lovelies from an issue of Crafty Magazine. They used pebbles in a […]

Pattern weights from DIY washers.

Since I bought my big cutting mat and rotary cutter, I have been using it more and more for cutting out fabric pattern pieces, as it’s so quick to do. Pins tend to distort the fabric, so when cutting out it can be less accurate. Often therefore, I grab random objects from around the room, […]