Paperwork and a quick zippered pouch.

Paperwork has to be one of my most hated things. Killing a load of trees just so I can jump through a load of bureaucratic hoops to get re-qualified.

Le sigh.

As a little treat to myself, after I had sorted that, I decided it was time for a bit of sewing!

I had picked up this fat quarter of loveliness while visiting my friend Lizzie in York before we moved:

Sarah Waterhouse Hand Printed Fabric

It is some hand printed fabric by Sarah Waterhouse, which I bought from Me and Mrs Fisher.

It was an ideal piece for turning into a little bag to take away with me, I had been getting a little irritated this last week rooting around in my bag for my underwear, it is usually hidden way at the bottom under everything else! So I made a little zippered pouch out of the fabric:

Zippered pouch

It was a fairly basic little thing, I cut the fabric in half so that the cases would be right sides up on both sides of the case, sewed a zipper in place, then sewed up the sides and folded in the corners so that it would be a bit more 3-dimensional. It was also lined with some white fabric.

Zippered Pouch

Just big enough for a week’s worth!

I also made this broccoli pesto spaghetti last night, but had to make a few substitutions as I didn’t have any lemon juice so whacked in some lime curd instead!

Broccoli pesto

It was yummy. Especially with the broccoli stem “spaghetti”. 

Other things occurring today have been further experiments with sourdough cultures. I have been experimenting with three different methods for making a sourdough starter:

For Science

…as I am a scientist after all!

I plan to compare them for taste and ease of use.


  1. That dish sounds super yummy! I am going to try my own version of a Chipotle burrito bowl! Bring on the avocados! Mwah xxx

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