My first foray into stretch fabrics: A Bombshell Swimsuit.

I saw the bombshell pattern last year.

I bought the blue fabric for my bombshell swimsuit way back in February in Portland.

I finally got all the rest of the bits and pieces for making it about a month ago, ballpoint pins, stretch needles, matching thread…………

I just chickened out of taking the plunge and making it until a couple of weeks ago, and then didn’t get around to taking some pictures until this weekend!

Bombshell Swimsuit View B

To be fair, we have had visitors, and I did take it to Tahoe with us last weekend, and test it out in the hot tub…. but it was snowing at the time! This weekend however, it was sunshine and loveliness in Yosemite, and so pictures we have!

Here’s a bit of a full length view

Bombshell View B  Full-Length


….and some more chilling by the pool

Bombshell Swimsuite View B

I decided to make view B, as I already had a suit with a similar top part as view A. I used my overlocker for most of the seams, finishing them off with the zigzag on Bernie!

It was pretty easy to put together, no idea why it took me so long to take the plunge!


I cut a 8 bust/ 10 waist/hips, but because of the way it is put together in this view, I didn’t have that much alteration of the pattern to do.

Oh and for the eagle-eyed amongst you, yep,I do have a tattoo on my leg in these pictures. Mr M and I ran the Color Me Rad 5K on Saturday morning.


The paint came off after an hour’s scrubbing… the temporary tattoo needed a little more effort!

I don’t think running is my sport. I much prefer pootling around on my bike. Perhaps that is the problem, I prefer low-key pootling.

Now back to study……


  1. LOVELY!!!! I love the colourr and it makes me happy to see RAD so close to the Bombshell! Great job!

    1. Thanks! I love to use colour to highlight my pasty white skin!

      I almost was going to make some lowered waist bikini bottoms to run #RAD in, but figured it might be too much thigh chafing!

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