Lakeside Pajamas

I bought this pattern ages ago.

In the Black Friday sale in fact.

Yup, as I said. Ages ago.

But last week it suddenly went all unseasonably warm. Even for California.

And I melted.

It was a sign of things to come.

It was time to embrace having a full on summer wardrobe, I have never really needed one of those before, so I figured I may as well start with some PJs!

I used some fabric from my stash:

Star Wars

Whice is leftover cotton from making Mr M some PJs for Christmas, and of course the same material that I made Mr Badger some with!

Is it weird that we now all have matching pyjamas?

Anyhow, I cut a 4 graded out to 8 on waist and hips (pesky pear shape) for the top, and a straight 8 for the bottoms. I made the bias binding myself, which was hassle as it was quite narrow, but I am glad I did.

……..and because I was using leftover fabric from the stash, the top has a little *ahem* design feature, I didn’t have enough fabric for the back, so used some regular white cotton instead:

Lakeside Pyjama Top

It’s fine! They are pyjamas after all! I almost had a second “design feature” as I accidentally cut the front pieces upside down (the writing is bidirectional, but the ships all go the same way). But, while I ddidn’t have enough fabric for the back pieces of the top, I did just have enough to re-cut the front bottom pieces. I did all the binding on the bottoms as instructed in the directions, but to finish the other seams I did flat-felled seams (for the first time ever!)

Lakeside Pajama Bottoms

..and I am glad I did as I think it makes them so much better and more robust.

So there you have it! My Lakeside Pajamas ready for summer!

Lakeside Pyjamas

I think if I make another pair, I might tweak the back pieces so they are a little less gapey, although I may be glad of the extra breeze come summertime.

I was also multitasking while making these and creating a youtube playlist of all my favourite songs of the moment to send to my buddies who came to visit. We listened to SiriusXM Alt Nation a lot while driving about, and these songs remind us of happy times.

It also probably made the making these pyjamas slightly longer as I couldn’t help but chair dance/ fully break out into dancing around the room.



  1. I’m so jealous of these! Saw them on Flickr and now I can’t get Star Wars pjs out of my head!

    1. I made Mr M some Star Wars Pjs too. We match. Is that sad or sweet?

      Get yourself some Star Wars fabric!

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