Budgerigar – Melopsittacus undulatus

I was bad,

It was Good Friday yesterday, and as that is usually a bank holiday for me back in the UK, I cast aside the study and spent the day doing some crafting and watching tv.


“But Lindsay, that exam won’t pass itself”

Shush there little good pixie! The bad pixie on the other shoulder feels it is essential I get into Game of Thrones while it is free on catch up on demand.

I have been working on a little crochet project – in short bursts, it kinda makes my wrist click in a uncomfortable sort of way, and I also did another of the little free birdies from CrossStitcher.

Marcie decided to sit and keep me company.


(Yeah, it’s dress down Friday. Although this is standard attire, but you know I have no intention of leaving the house if I’m in my nice comfy glasses all day)

At one point I think she was dreaming, her legs doing that little twitch like dogs do when they’re dreaming of running.

Perhaps she was dreaming of chasing foil.

She loves foil.

Anyhow this time it was the turn of a little Budgie!


He is cute yes?

Yet again I raided the stash, and found some random bit of bias binding in an appropriate colour, (which had clearly been in my stash, or a stash that I had acquired from somewhere, for quite some time as the tape holding it together had disintegrated) and used that to cover my hoop.

Ta dah!

Budgerigar: Melopsittacus undulatus

Now he can join his other little bird friends, and they can freak out guests who don’t like birds.

Bird trio


I think I might be missing one.

This weekend shall be spent meeting up with the Bay Area Sewists in Berkeley, then a bit of skiing.

Time will tell how successful these plans shall be.


  1. Love him! What issue was this one in please? Would love to make it myself. I have spent way too long looking through your blog, it’s fantastic!

    1. It was the free extra gift with the digital may 2014 edition (now we have moved to the states I get it on the iPad rather than in print).

      I love him too, I really enjoyed the colours in this one, some of them are not so colourful!

      Thanks for the compliments on the blog! I mostly forget that anyone else even sees it, so it’s always nice when I hear that someone enjoys it šŸ™‚

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