Sewing Double: Grainline Scout Tee

My second double this month!

After selflessly sewing two Negronis for Mr M, I decided to test out the new pattern I bought the other day and make something for myself!

I bought the Scout Tee pattern after attending my first Bay Area Sewists meetup and chatting to one of the other attendees, who recommended it. She has sewn it many times both in woven fabrics, and in stretch.

Both of my Scout tees were made from fabric in my stash. I cut a 4 graded out to an 8 at the waist/hips, but also, I know from previous experience that I often have problems with the armholes/sleeves. After measuring up the pattern, I decided to add an inch to the shoulder, and added 1/2 an inch on either side of the sleeve piece…… it fits perfectly first time! Sweeeeeeet!

The first one is made out of some white cotton broderie anglaise, leftover from making my lovely Lizzie a dress for the Jane Austen Festival!

Broderie Anglaise

I love it in this fabric! I think it really dresses up/ girlifies the pattern a little. The only problem of course being that it is a little see-through, so I must wear it over a vest/tank or risk flashing my underwear to the world. Because I knew it was going to be a little see-through, I did french seams on all of them, and sewed the neck binding to the inside, so it was all nice and neat!

French Seams

Oddly, the day after I finished my first scout, Jen posted a tutorial on french seams on the Grainline blog! Does this show I’m ahead of the times? Or just that it was a sensible decision?

Anyhow, my second Scout I squeezed out of a metre of cotton that I had in my stash from way way back!

Seaside Scout

Ka blam! I’m feeling all kinds of summery I am telling you! Again I did french seams (because I thought I should practice), and because I had to squeeze it into a metre, the side seams are missing an inch or so, but it looks fine!

They were really quick to sew up, a couple of hours each. I see more Scout Tees in my future!


  1. lawen83 · · Reply

    Both are so cute! I think I shall need to look at this pattern for sure
    L x

    1. It was really easy to put together. A good way to use up my random single metres of fabric!

      1. lawen83 · ·

        Coolio, I shall look into it, and maybe get the pjs pattern too! 🙂 never done sleeves so this could be a good challenge for me

      2. Challenge yourself! We did sleeves on the Austen dress. I would muslin first, I suspect you might have to alter the pattern a bit for you too.

      3. lawen83 · ·

        For the chest area? You had already made my Austen dress by the time I arrived x

      4. Ahh yeah, Rivka and I made it. There aren’t any bust darts, but I think the arms would have been too high up on mine without the extra inch, and I think from the Sorbetto we had the same problem with getting yours to fit.

      5. lawen83 · ·

        Yeah we did, I shall have a look x

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