Sewing Double: Colette Negroni

This weekend was a laidback sort of weekend, we are between visitors so just caught up on a few things, and I also spent some of it sewing!

Yup. It seems that now is the time for tackling all those long ignored patterns and bits of fabric. I finally made my bombshell swimsuit and lakeside pajamas, now was the turn of another pattern that I purchased in the Colette Patterns Black Friday sale…. and it isn’t even for me!

With Mr M’s change in role when we moved out here, his work wardrobe had to go from tshirts and shorts/jeans, to at least a shirt and smart jeans….

He was unprepared.

So I bought Colette’s Negroni pattern, and thought I would tackle that most complex of garments….. the shirt. The paperclip material I bought at Fabric Depot while I was in Portland in February, and it has been sat on the shelf staring at me ever since. So, this little project actually takes care of multiple things: finally embracing shirt making; using the fabric that I have bought for the purpose it was bought for; and….. also using up the stash.

Sewing Double: Negroni

I was going to just use any old fabric to make the test garment, but then found I had enough leftover from making my outfit for the Jane Austen Festival (Simplicity, your fabric requirements are ridiculous), so decided to make it with that, and it came out totally wearable! The other fabric is actually quilting weight cotton, so a little thicker, and is actually this one by Windham Fabrics.

In order to reduce bulk in some areas, I altered the construction of the bottom hem at the front facings, so that there weren’t as many layers of fabric, but still kept all the flat felled seams throughout.

Paperclip Negroni

I cut all the main patterns pieces lengthwise, except for the yoke pieces, and collar pieces, which I cut in the opposite direction, partially to avoid the nightmare of having to try and match them, but also I just think it looks good! Other modifications I made from the original pattern were that I only made one pocket, as after discussion with Mr M, he apparently only ever uses one, so that saved that! Also, I shortened the sleeves by 3 1/2″, as they were way too long! Otherwise the fit was absolutely fine, cutting the straight M size. If I made another, I might alter the placement of the buttonholes slightly, as they are just not placed in the optimum places for how he would wear his shirts. Doesn’t he look nice!

Paperclip Negroni

I am submitting these makes to the Monthly Stitch!

The theme this month is sewing double!

In other news, you may see some changes around here! I ran out of upload space this week, after 2 and a half years using the totally free account, so not only bought myself a space upgrade, but also, while I shall still be using good old WordPress, you can now find my blog at the super shiny new location of! For the time being, the primary domain is still the same, but as I figure things out, things will gradually make their way over to the new domain.

Also, new shoes!

Keen Coronado

I am pretty much the anti-girl when it comes to shoes, I don’t own very many, I don’t much get excited about them, and above all else I enjoy comfy shoes! But I have been wearing pretty much the same pair of shoes since the beginning of last summer, when the UK weather decided to embrace summertime for the first time in 6 years, and then we moved to California, also requiring lighter shoes, and they have pretty much given up on me.

Sad times.

But I was looking at bike baskets in Sports Basement the other day, and got sidetracked and fell in lust with these shoes.

Why do I love them so?

Well Keen make the comfiest shoes ever! The colour is beautiful and bright! And, for your eco-conscious shoe-wearer, they are Vegan and don’t involve the melting down of any animal parts to make your shoes!

Ummm….. so I ended up buying two pairs, both the Hot Coral, and Black/Natural.

Don’t look at me like that! It’s a woman’s prerogative to love shoes! Or at least that what they tell me.

Now back to studying.

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