Mr Seagull: Larus argentatus

One more birdie after this one, then I am fully up-to-date! Until next issue. (And next issue is a super colourful parrot! That is definitely being stitched)

In the lab I used to work in back in the UK, one of my co-workers got slightly mad whenever anyone would refer to a bird as being a seagull.

“There is no such bird as a seagull!”

He wanted specifics. So just for him, this little guy is a European Herring Gull.

Mr Seagull: Larus argentatus

Well hello Mr European Herring Gull.

It doesn’t quite roll off the tongue so well does it?

In other news, we have Mr M’s brother and his girlfriend to stay at the moment. At the weekend we went to Santa Cruz and did a Segway tour, but also stopped in at Hart Fabrics and Brother M bought some Star Wars fabric. Like a nice sister-in-law, I made him some PJ shorts with the fabric……. but realised while sewing it together that I had cut the pieces out UPSIDE DOWN!


I have discussed it, and come to the conclusion that this was clearly so he could get full enjoyment out of the pattern while wearing them.

Not at all because I AM AN IDIOT.

Other than that, all the seams are flat-felled for robustness and comfort, and I adjusted the pattern according to all measurements as required. They are a well made pair of PJ bottoms.

Just upside down.


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