Moss the (long overdue to be completed) Rabbit

So, when I say it is long overdue to be completed…. I started this project in June 2010!

It was originally to be a maternity leave present for someone I used to work with, now of course little Stevie is coming up to 2 years old, and baby number 2 is imminent… and I no longer live in the UK! So that didn’t happen!

It was this project:

Rabbit with Blanket Stitch Detail

…from The Ultimate Book of Baby Knits, by Debbie Bliss

The reason it had gone unfinished for so long was that, after multiple attempts, I could not get those pesky ears to look right! The only information in the instructions was “Sew ears to head”, without any good pictures or guidelines as to how to do such a thing.


So he was forgotten, left in a plastic box on the shelf, until my visitors at the weekend spotted him and fell in love, despite (or perhaps because?) of his wonky/curly/odd looking ears.

Rabbit with Blanket Stitch Detail

So, I finished him off with some circles of felt for feet, stitched with his new name (as selected by the new owners):

Rabbit with Blanket Stitch Detail: Feet

…and what can I say? They care naught for his wonky ears, the fact that I didn’t get around to giving him a pompom tail, and stitching him some toes and paws!

It is love!

Rabbit with Blanket Stitch Detail


He is accompanying them on their trip up north, and am sure will have many adventures!

Road Trip

Have fun kids! I miss you already!

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