Mr Macaw: Ara chloropterus

Yey for more colourful birds!

Red and Green Macaw: Ara chloropterus

The previous two that I had tackled from the CrossStitcher collection had been kinda monochrome, an occasional bit of orange or yellow, but mainly shades of grey and white.

I much prefer the more colourful ones. Sorry birdies with minimal colour, you are just a little bit dull to stitch.

Anyhow, I added the name as usual, after researching what type of parrot he was – a Red and Green Macaw (or Green-winged Macaw), and framed it in an embroidery hoop that I had covered using strips of material from the stash.

It has now joined it’s other little birdie friends on the wall:

Cross-stitched Birds

Hey birdies! You look cute and colourful!

Next up is a Kingfisher!

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