Sewing Indie: Colette Peony.

I wonder, is it counting as “stashbusting” if you use some fabric to make a dress, but it is fabric that was bought for that intended purpose, but has been sat on a shelf for 3 months. It is kind of appropriate, as the pattern had also been unused and unloved for 7 month or so, ever since I bought it in the Black Friday sale! (Getting there though, I have now used all but one!)

The fabric is kinda quilting weight cotton, LUX by Timeless Treasures Fabrics, and I bought it way back in February in Portland, I’m not entirely sure why, but I was drawn to it… like a Moth to a flame….. or like a Lindsay to a shiny thing, as it turns out.

Timeless Treasures Lux Peacock

It’s a kind of various shades of blue, with gold swirly peacocks number.

It seemed reasonably appropriate that I used it for a Colette pattern, as they are of course based in Portland – Portland fabric, Portland pattern.

When tracing the pattern, I cut a 2 at the bust, graduating out to a 6 waist, 8 hips. I tested the bodice with a muslin, having had to make adjustments to Colette patterns before, then adjusted the darts on the bodice according.

Originally while planning the dress, I had thought about making it sleeveless, but in the end decided to go for the 3/4 length sleeve version, as such pretty fabric wants to be all over! Other modifications I made, were to using bias binding to finish the neckline edging, as I hate facings and find them annoying, and I also used pleats rather than gathers on the skirt front, as the fabric wasn’t really working well with gathers, perhaps because it is a slightly heavily weight cotton. I finished the belt by topstitching around the back portions of the belt so I didn’t have to do any slipstitching (score!)

Colette Peony Details


Instead of a hook and eye closure for at the top of the zip, I used another of the gold buttons I used for the belt, and made a loop out of embroidery thread, then used single crochet all the way around to form the loop.

Action Shots:

Colette Peony

Mr M is a blog photographer in training. Out of about 100 pictures I managed to find about 5 where I wasn’t standing weirdly, blurred, or at a funny angle. Or is it just that I am a bit useless at posing when I can’t see the picture?

Oh and I would just like to submit photographic evidence:

Perfect Invisible Zip

Perfectly lined up zip with no puckering! FIRST TIME AROUND! How often does that happen? I imagine often for those who are used to these things, but previous attempts in other garments have been incredibly annoying and resulted in much stroppy stamping of feet and sulking. So yey me!

Now I just need an occasion to wear it…… it is my birthday coming up…….


  1. Gorgeous! I’d have been drawn to that fabric too, what a fabulous colour! Great pattern choice too, I hope you get an equally fabulous occasion to wear it to!

    1. Thanks! Here’s hoping!

  2. The fabric looks really nice, such a beautiful shade of blue. Your dress looks really good made from it. I’m quite jealous reading about the fabrics and patterns you get – I am also a British expat with links to Bristol, but am currently in Switzerland.. So far I haven’t found local indie pattern makers or reasonably priced fabric, hoorah for the internet!

    1. Pah! Hopefully soon you shall find some wonderful, tucked out of the way, shop of wonder, and then you can tell us all of the treasures within!

  3. Great job on the match up. That is so challenging to do. Love the fabric.

  4. Great job on the match up. That is so challenging to do. Love the fabric.

  5. Margaret · · Reply

    Very nice! Love both the fabric and the pattern — the 3/4 length sleeves are a nice addition.

    1. They are one of the variations of the pattern, and I thought they give it a little extra elegance maybe? Otherwise you can do short sleeves, or have seen some sleeveless versions about the internet too.

  6. Wow! this is just stunning Linds! I love the fabric too!! Amazing. I am so gonna learn how to sew.

  7. Recommend me a good book or website to start off?x

    1. Apparently, Love at First Stitch by Tilly Walnes is really good. I have the Sewing Bee books, but I wouldn’t recommend them. X

  8. Love the colour and the design, and now you have a dress! Sorry another dress!

  9. All you need are the shoes

    1. I know. I totally don’t have any that match!

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