Quick Pea and Mint Soup

I have a bad habit of seeing random ingredients at the supermarket and buying them. A month or so ago it was the turn of some Green Pea Flour that I saw at Milk Pail Market.

I can’t deny that part of the reason for buying it was so I could say to Mr M that I was going to add some “Pea-ness” to stuff. Because he has the sense of humour of a small child, and I knew he would snigger.

Anyhow, this morning I made him get up early (for a Sunday anyway), and we went on a 22 miles roundtrip cycle to Shoreline Park:

Shoreline Park

…and when we got back, I thought I would make something quick and easy to go with the Sourdough loaf I baked last night.

Sourdough Bread

(This one was made with Dan, I know my intention was to pick one and stick with it, but I ended up keeping all of them going!)

I remembered that on the back of the pea flour packet, there was a recipe for quick pea soup, so I decided to give that a go, but with a little added something something!

Quick Pea and Mint Soup Recipe  – adapted from the back of the pea flour packet. Serves 2 hungry adults.


3 cups hot water

1 tsp bouillon base – I used vegetable bouillon base

4 1/2 tbsp green pea flour

1 tsp dried mint


Combine all the ingredients in a medium sized pan, and whisk together to get rid of any lumps. Heat until gently bubbling, then cook over medium heat for 2 minutes until it has thickened slightly. Cover and allow to cool and thicken slightly, then serve!

Pea and Mint Soup


While we were cycling, the cats were sleeping.

Linux the Cat


Silly lazy pusses.

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