My Weekend of Two Halves

This weekend I felt like I was two people, on Saturday we went to California’s Great America (great if you love to queue……….. for everything), and then to help christen the new Levi’s Stadium for San Jose Earthquakes vs. Seattle Sounders F.C.*

Levi's Stadium

*But Seattle Sounders F.C., why are you an F.C. when you insist on calling this game “Soccer”? Surely it should be S.C.?

Anyhow, today we went to a place in Campbell that serves you Tea and Cake in the “English” way…… They had lemon curd and lotus biscuits on the table when we sat down…….. Together? And also Lotus biscuits?!? They are well and good for dipping in coffee, but surely some nice homemade biccies would be better? The food otherwise was acceptable, but I’m not sure it was worth the price, and I probably won’t choose to go again!

The plan was then to go to see some Shakespeare in the park, but after walking all over Great America and cycling back and forth yesterday…… we decided to stay in and watch the modern day version instead – 10 Things I Hate About You!

I also started on some crafting projects, getting stuck in to some of the fabric I acquired last weekend to make some gifts to take home with us when we visit the UK later this year:

Baby Bibs


I started off a little project to use up some more of the stash to make a project for this month’s Monthly Stitch Challenge. I traced and cut my pattern, cut out all the pieces….. now I need to find time to sew it all together! Watch this space!

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