Cherry Cupcake Apron

It’s the return of the Great British Bake Off!

Are we excited people?

I know I am.

I celebrated the occasion by coming home from work on Wednesday night, cleaning the kitchen, then baking up a batch of Earl Grey Cupcakes! (It was cake week after all!) I had been speaking to my lovely new co-worker Brian about them, as most afternoons he has himself a cup of Earl Grey, and the smell wafts over to my desk – I love it, but I just don’t like drinking the stuff!

Earl Grey Cupcakes


These days instead of walking to work merrily swinging a bag/box of cakes, I strapped this little box of cakes to the back of my bicycle and cycled to work with them! They made my co-workers very happy, we shared them out after lunch, and with them fulfilled many things:

1. Celebrating the return of GBBO

2. Spreading joy through cake

3. …….and it just so happened to be my one month work-iversary! Happy one month to me!

Anyhow, along with making cake this week, I also made something a little cake-themed! A Cupcake Apron from the book 101 Fabric-byFabric Ways to Sew a Metre.

Cherry Cupcake Apron

I used some printed and plain cottons from my stash, and didn’t have any ric-rac so just used some plain 1/4 inch grosgrain ribbon for trimming. Here are some close ups of the details:

Cherry Cupcake Apron

Cute yeah?

Action shot, complete with cupcake:

Cherry Cupcake Apron

You can also see, in the background of this shot, my already fairly extensive apron collection! Hahah!


  1. Oh I do love the apron! The cakes look pretty amazing too.

    1. They were pretty tasty! Next week’s GBBO episode is biscuits so perhaps I shall have to bake again!

  2. Earl Grey cupcakes… they sounds so interesting and delicious! 🙂 And the apron is very fun!

    1. They are delicious! It is a weird thing, I love the smell and even like the taste of earl grey, but still don’t like tea! These cakes are the perfect way to get all the good bits of Earl Grey!

    1. I think it is more decorative than practical anyway, it won’t protect me from the clouds of flour I seem to create!

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