Huffin’ and a little Puffin: Fratercula arctica

2 weeks off from cycling to work? My legs of steel have dwindled in power to legs of……… lettuce.


Anyhow, this little guy I stitched on Sunday, while I was having a completely lazy not-getting-out-of-my-pyjamas-for-anybody sort of day, a day of relaxation so I could finally readjust and recover from the jet lag!

Ta dah!

Puffin: Fratercula arctica

I think he is pretty cute. I wrapped the hoop in some strips of material cut from the scraps leftover from my Polly top.

He can join his buddies on the wall once I put some more nails in.

I have also now signed up to an online Physics course through UC Berkeley Extension so I can finally get more on the way to becoming requalified as a Microbiologist in Cali. Physics! Aaaaaagh! There was a reason I ditched it after GCSE. Perhaps I will discover a new love for it? ………………………….I suspect not.

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