Golden Eagle: Aquila chrysaetos

Just another couple of birds to go after this one, then I think the CrossStitcher series is done!

I have been a little busy of late, and finding time for crafting has been a challenge. Weekend before last we went to Seattle to visit some friends, I got to try a Kouign Amann (and think I might give making them a go!:

Kouign Amann

We also attended the Lego convention, see the wonder that is The Goonies recreated in Lego:


And of course things are ramping up at work, and I have finally had to accept that I need to buy a car so I can get to work once the lab moves…… which means car shopping. My least favourite kind of car shopping by far!


But I got one! A shiny Red Prius C


It is shiny and red on the outside, but a bit black and grey on the inside, I think I need to brighten it up a bit!

Last weekend involved the return of Hockey to SAP Center:


Go Sharks!

We also hiked at Wilder Ranch State Park, which was a sunny stroll along the cliffs and beaches north of Santa Cruz:

Wilder Ranch


Anyway, back to my bird!


I found this one kind of challenging to keep track of the pattern for some reason, possibly because if I print to our printer straight from my phone it always comes out really small, and I should just switch on the laptop to do these things, but also I was sat stitching on the day bed in the crafting room (spare room), and Mr Linux feels that that is his bed, and kept sitting on my pattern.


What can you do?

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