On Game Days We Wear Teal……

After many months of eyeing up Sharks fabric at Joann, and then finally buying some…. then it sitting on the shelf…. I took my friend Brooke to her first Sharks game last night, so even only having my comedy portable machine, I decided it was time to make myself a top!

San Jose Sharks Scout Tee

(crappy phone picture of me slouching)

There isn’t much to say about the pattern, I used the exact same as in my previous Scout tees, and managed to do a passable job at matching the pattern lines at the seams:

San Jose Sharks Scout Tee


(Yep, that is a Harry Potter duvet cover)

I also didn’t use french seams, again due to my comedy portable sewing machine, just pressed open the seams and finished the edges with my overlocker.

San Jose Sharks Scout Tee

P.s. the game was great! Sharks won 6-3 and there was a gloves-off-no-holds-barred fight! Fine family fun! 😉


  1. You have a “lucky shirt” now. You will have to wear it to all their games. Nice top!

    1. Haha! Perhaps!

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