Superchunky Snood

Sometimes I like to treat myself to buying a real hard copy of one of the UK crafting magazines. A couple of months before Christmas I bought the Mollie Makes Christmas Magbook so I could ogle all the crafting projects I would like to do if I had time, and the cute Wool and the Gang Snood looked so fun and comfy and cosy!

This is again one of those occasions where I should remind myself that I live in California and as such rarely have any need for cosy. If I had had it when we went to Yosemite back in November, then it would have been useful. Or perhaps when we went to Tahoe for the weekend a few weeks ago. But no.

I started this project around New Year.

Back when it was kind of cold.

I finally finished it last night.

“Winter” seems to have ended now in the Bay. It is cold(ish) no longer.

Perhaps it will have to be put away until next year!

I knitted it up using just less than two skeins of Bernat Mega Bulky in Dark Grey Heather, which I bought on sale at Joann, and 15mm needles.

I actually slightly modified the pattern from the original by reducing the number of stitches, as when I cast on 29 and started knitting it seemed like it was going to be crazy big! It is still moss stitch, but 20 sts, knitted until it measured 28 inches, then stitched together at the ends to form the snood. The edging is stitched using the leftover Zpagetti from my bag kit that I made a couple of years ago.


As a side note, how on earth are you supposed to stitch with this yarn? Far too bulky to fit through any of my yarn needles, I attached it to the needle with some standard thread so that I could stitch with it.

Superchunky Snood

I like how it turned out. The colours are kinda neutral and tame in comparison to the bright colours I usually am drawn to, but then I guess that means it can go with more things!

Or I can use it to hide my face.

Superchunky Snood

I watched the first episode of the new series of the Great British Sewing Bee tonight, I want Bernie back so I can tackle my massive pile of fabric!


  1. Ah, this would be perfect for the UK weather at the moment 🙂 Looks super cosy and the

  2. Edging looks great too, great colour combination.

  3. have no fear, winter returns frequently- if erratically- in the Bay. your darling snood will have its day! Where are you watching the sewing bee? it’s my favorite!

    1. It’s a secret! Ha! We subscribe to a service that allows us to watch UK shows through iPlayer and 4OD on our Playstation.

  4. The topstitching really makes it, worth the sewing needle hassle. I have some plastic needles from a kids kit that I use for sewing up chunky knit yarn projects, but I think even they would struggle with this. Well done for persevering. Hope you remember it/can find it when you’re finally somewhere weather appropriate. (I would put it in a cupboard and remember it the week after I got back from a cold place).

    1. I suspect the same! I sometimes forget to even take a hat, and then get cold ears. Cold ears = Achey ears = Sad Lindsay!

      1. I always forget when visiting my in laws that they’re about a season colder than us and end up buying emergency warm clothes whilst there for the kids.

      2. Haha! We had that issue when we went to Yosemite in November. At night it was super cold so we had to treat ourselves to an extra layer and tuck our Pyjamas into our socks!

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