Hedwig: Bubo scandiacus

Sometimes fixing a mistake is so depressing and time consuming. I guess that this is an example of when it is acceptable to trash something and start over.

I started this penultimate bird in the CrossStitcher Magazine series a couple of months ago, messed up part of it early on, and then it took so much hassle to try and sort it out that I was totally fed up with it and it sat in a corner for a while.

Thankfully, it is too small a project for it to matter, and so I started again and it was done in no time.



Whenever I see a Snowy Owl I automatically think Hedwig. Is that my Harry Potter obsession shining through?


Or maybe I am just still heartbroken over the death of a fictional bird.

This past weekend we took advantage of the three day weekend and went skiing:

Lunch with a View - Squaw Valley, Lake Tahoe, CA

Yep, the snow is pretty poor, but at least the sun is shining!


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