The Red Red Robin……… : Erithacus rubecula

I guess with this pattern being the freebie for December, it was meant to be a bit seasonal… but alas. I didn’t finish it back then!

Erithacus rubecula


He is kinda cute.

But yey! I did it. I finally caught up with my birds and completed the set.

All the Birds


So now they are all up on the wall, adding a bit of colour to our dull, neutral paint, rental place.


Now onwards to the big project…. You know when you want to do something, but it is kind of intimidating and going to take a while, but then you actually have a deadline…..



Mr M and I timed our Saturday well, a long cycle around the Bay loop, quick wander to the shops for lunch, and then home before the rain started 🙂

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