Comox Trunks…

…or where I finally start making Mr M the Comox Trunks intended as a Christmas Present.


I bought him the Comox Trunks kit for Christmas, but it is now April and I had yet to make him them!

These were the first try, not made with the supplies in the kit, but with some technical knit fabric, and some horrid stiff knit elastic from Joann.

Comox Trunks

I guess the elastic might soften up a little eventually.

I did most of the stitching using my overlocker, except the application of the binding around the cup opening:

Comox Trunks

I just stitched it down using a regular zigzag stitch on my sewing machine.

The leg openings I stitched by overlocking the edge, folding it over, then zigzagging it down to match the detail on the binding:

Comox Trunks

The waistband I originally stitched in the same way… but it looked a bit rubbish, so I unpicked it and re-stitched using black fuzzy thread and a twin needle on my machine.

Comox Trunks

Much more forgiving, but I like the white contrast stitching on the rest of the details, and I don’t have teal thread ;o)

From his measurements, he fell between the 34 and 36 sizes, so in accordance with the instructions I went up to the bigger size and cut a straight 36:

Comox Trunks

They fit just perfectly! Here is Mr M modelling them…..

Comox Trunks

(Is it weird that this picture makes me think of that scene in Friends where Monica has the turkey on her head?)

…. on his head. Come on now people! This isn’t that kind of site! Hahaha!

Glorious success! I shall make him another couple of pairs I think… then maybe in time for next month’s Monthly Stitch challenge I might get around to making him his other overdue Christmas present – some Jutland pants!


  1. before you make a 2nd pair, check the opening, not in the same place as original pattern!!

    1. He never really used it anyway!

  2. very brave! both for the sewer and the wearer!
    I have made shirts, shorts, trousers, jackets(reversible), tracksuits(joggers!) etc,but never underwear!!

  3. agape201 · · Reply

    These looked great but I believe the crotch piece is upside down. The wider side should be up so that the curve in the piece is a little lower for better support and room. As a guy, trust me, he’ll feel the difference. I’ve made a few of these for myself

    1. Ok, I will take a look when I finally get around to making the rest of them!

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