National Medical Laboratory Professionals Week

We are just coming to the end of my first Medical Laboratory Professionals Week! There is a National Pathology Week in the UK, but it is never really done anything about, at least not in any of the labs that I had worked in, so it was nice to embrace my (not so) inner nerd for the week. For thos who don’t know, Lab Week is for all of us people that work in clinical laboratories around the US, a time for us to celebrate our profession and have some fun. We had some quizzes and wordsearches and crossword puzzles (where all the answers were people that worked in the lab, and the clues related to bits of information about them), and  the organizers did a fantastic job with the Lab Olympics going on all week – the first challenge was throwing coloured caps into a biohazard bin, but we also had a game involving getting masking tape off balloons, and of course…… Pin the Flagella on the Campylobacter! Pin the Flagella on the Campylobacter I did tell you that it was all about letting out our inner Nerd. 🙂 I claim credit for the idea, but the splendid execution of said idea was all Miss Brooke, using poster board and twists of green and pink tissue paper. It even included a little education about Campylobacteriosis! She was a little dubious as to how much fun the event would be, after all it was just a nerded up version of pin the tail on the donkey, but in fact it turned out to be one of the best ones as a representative from each team battled to pin their flagella on blindfolded, both their team was shouting help and the opposing team was shouting things to put them off! Haha! Don’t you just love teamwork! We also had themed days, where you could score raffle tickets to win prizes by embracing the theme of the day. Twin Day We had sports day, twin day, pj day, and superhero day, but also a day to embrace our company theme, so Brooke and I made tshirts for our team: Team Bugs


The green ombre circle on the front was a subtle nod to our company logo, and of course we are Team Bugs!

I made them by creating a template for the circle, and using Simply Spray Soft Fabric Spray Paint in “Spring Green” to give it a kind of ombre effect by spraying lighter over the upper part of the circle, increasing the coverage towards the bottom. Results were a little variable, but mainly came out ok, and I got all 8 tshirts out of one can…. Just.

The text for the back I created using my Silhouette Cameo, and the lw stencil font, and used Simply Spray Stencil Spray to stencil that was meant to give better results on stencils, but it was a little thick and gloopy, ran out on the last shirt (so I had to resort to manual application using the paint that was left behind on the stencil) and didn’t give quite as even coverage so I wouldn’t really recommend it all that much.

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