Starfish Earrings

Or…… just how big is too big?

We have had a visitor from England with us the last week or so, and this past weekend took a trip to Yosemite….


Yep. It was quite glorious.

I bought a cute pair of turquoise earrings from the Ansel Adams Gallery, which kind of made me want to get out my supplies and make some more earrings myself.

Now I do not have delicate skilled fingers, so making polymer clay pieces small enough to be earrings does not come naturally to me, but I had a go at making some Starfish. I’m not even sure why, but they kinda popped into my head.

Polymer Clay Starfish

These are a rough interpretation of a common starfish, like this one below:

starfishThey were reasonably simple, constructed by placing 5 wedges of clay with their wide ends together, and using a clay tool to smooth out the edges and shape them into a star, you can kinda see from below:

Polymer Clay Starfish

Texture was added to the upper surface by dimpling using a cone-shaped tool.

The fun part about these is that they do not have to be perfectly shaped, spaced, or even, as Starfish aren’t, so I am satisfied with how they came out!

I attached them to some silver ear stud bases… and Voila!

Starfish Earrings

They are a little on the large side… but that kinda makes them fun!

Starfish Earrings

……and speaking of kinda on the large side….. I also made some more pom pom earrings.. or as I have taken to calling them – fluffballs, one size up from last time:

Fluffball Earrings

As this goofy picture demonstrates… I am loving them!

We are heading back to the UK soon for a wedding, so I made an extra pair for a special lady who has been feeling sad lately. Who could fail to smile at such bright and fluffy things!?


  1. Loving them.

    1. Thanks Mum.

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