Beach Brian.

May was such a crazy month! We took a trip back home to the UK for a week at the beginning for one of my best friend’s weddings, then crazy busy work with drama drama drama all over the place… then another week off for a surprise (to me) trip to Florida to (among other things) go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

If that wasn’t quite exciting enough, I also got the bonus of my two of my besties and Brother M coming over from the UK to join us, and our friends from Seattle joined us too! Much excitement, although I was very grumpy about the whole thing (until they turned up) as the trip involved a) a surprise (which I hate), and b) sitting around airports for pretty much an entire day!

Anyhow, all holidaying excitement over with, it was my much loved friend’s birthday this weekend, and it has been a crazy few weeks at work for us, so those things coupled with his beloved moving back to France this weekend too, I decided it was a good excuse to make him a cake!

It had to be fairly simple as I worked all weekend and had limited time to make it… so, I picked up a Ken doll from Target on the way home from work last night (Beach Ken), and used that as inspiration for a simple and quick cake.

The outside of the cake, I just frosted with some simple buttercream, then I whizzed up some biscuits in my little chopper (some of my precious Malted Milks that I brought back from the UK) and used these to coat the cake like sand:

Sandy Cake

For the inside? I decided to use ALL OF THE COLOURS! But rather than the rainbow layer cake I made a few years ago (as no time!), I just made a big batch of mix enough for the tin and divided it into 6 and coloured them:

Coloured Batter

Then dumped them all in to the tin on top of each other:

Rainbow Batter Ready to Bake

To serve, I just put Beach Ken (Brian) on top.

Beached Brian

He’s just Chillin’. Chillin’ on top of his flamboyantly coloured cake!

Rainbow Cake

Happy Birthday Brian! We love you!

Birthday Boy

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