Caffeine – His Favourite Drug


I am a teetotal drug-free Vegetarian.

Mr M is teetotal, mostly vegetarian (due to lack of any meat in our apartment), and mostly drug-free. His only drug is caffeine, and he indulges in a caffeinated cup of coffee once a day in the mornings, but has now switched to decaffeinated coffee for the most part for the rest of the day.

Anyway, for his birthday this year I decided to stitch him a little project inspired by chemistry.

"Koffein - Caffeine" by NEUROtiker - Own work. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons -


I altered it slightly, just by adding in the carbon atoms as a little collection of french knots (the red blobs on the below image), and changing the colour of the carbon letters.

Caffeine Template


To transfer it, I just took my plain white fabric, and laid it over the printed image and traced it using blue and pink chalk pencils:

Traced image.

The stitching was then done using DMC 3799 for the blue lines, oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen atoms, and DMC 740 for the carbon, using simple straight stitching (holbein) and french knots:

Caffeine stitching

I stitched it using a 6″ hoop to give me plenty of room, but when framing it, switched to a 5″ hoop wrapped in my fabric (leftover from this top):


Happy Birthday Mr M!

P.s. Recently we decided to start a blog to detail our outdoor weekend adventures of hiking and biking. I published the first post last week, and will soon update it with the bike ride we took today for Mr M’s birthday. You can see the new blog here.


  1. oaklandbex · · Reply

    Yeah! You did it 🙂 It looks great!

    1. I think it came out well! He wants to take it to work when he moves offices in about a month to decorate his desk. 🙂

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