Last Minute Mince Pies

This year is our fourth Christmas in the states. Our fourth Christmas without Mince Pies which, as any British person will know, are an essential part of the general festive overeating. (You can buy them some places, but they are even worse than those cheap supermarket own brand ones, everyone knows homemade are best!) I mentioned this to my Mum, and she unearthed this recipe (scribbled in her book from who knows when!) by who else – Mary Berry.

Freezer Mincemeat Recipe 

Use from frozen within 6 months


1lb/450g raisins

12oz/340g currants

8oz/230g sultanas

12oz/340g dark soft brown sugar

6oz/170g butter

2 level tsp cinnamon

2 level tsp nutmeg

1 level tsp ground cloves 

2lb/900g windfall cooking apples, chopped

1/4 pint/180ml cider/ apple juice

2 lemons, zest and juice

1 Tbsp syrup

3oz chopped hazelnuts (optional)


Mix dried fruit, sugar, fat, spice in large bowl with chopped apple. 

Heat juice/ cider gently to mild simmer, stir in fruit, lemon and syrup.

Simmer covered 40 mins, stirring occasionally, then remove lid for further 15 mins.

Cool and store in a tub in the freezer.

I have so far used it for around 3 batches, all-butter pastry (I used the same shortcrust I use for making these), some with pastry on top, some with some almond-y crumble topping.

Crumble-topped Mince Pies

I took some to work for our Christmas Pot Luck this week and they were a hit, yet people seemed to think they were too large!?! What sort of wimps am I working with?!

Merry Christmas Everyone!


  1. That is hilarious – how can a mince pie be too big? I agree you are working with wimps. We have a friend staying over Christmas (who moved to the states two years ago) she is managing to eat her body weight in mince pies to make up for the dearth of them in California x
    Have a lovely Christmas!

    1. I made them in muffin tins, so really not sure how that can be too big, I guess they were fairly deep though.

      I am planning to make some more later in preparation for our fellow Brits who are coming over to our place for Christmas lunch!

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