Baby Explosion.

Is it something in the water?

A good friend of mine gave birth a few days before Christmas, another has done since, we have two more expecting…. and of course, all being well, two will become three in the Marsh family this summer!

That’s right. At long last we are expecting our own little bundle of joy (and poop).

The first trimester I mainly spent sleeping and vomiting (I was a very exciting person to be around), and just as that was starting to wane (slightly, I have yet to go more than a few days without at least one episode of sickness), we had a little scare and I have been placed on rest. No work for me for a month!

It sounds ideal to a lot of people, but I am not a lady that likes to just sit around! My instructions are for no strenuous exercise, no lifting heavy things, and no cleaning (HA! Good luck Mr M!), so I have been working on a little bit of knitting – totally restful, only involves sitting on the sofa, and a little bit of crafting in preparation for our little arrival and the last of the others too.

The bib production line has been in full swing for a little while, gifting them to my other pregnant ladies too:

These guys use the same pattern I have been using forever, from the Purl Bee. I love how easy these are to make, using up lots of random scraps from my stash (I am now finally out of my beloved black elephants!)

I also have made some burp cloths, some using some prefold cotton diapers just edged in binding, but I have also made a few using this pattern from Cloud 9 fabrics.

Also super simple to put together, although the opening to pull it round the right way for topstitching I found to be a little tight, so I think with my next batch I will make it a little larger, as it has meant that the opening on the straight edge is a little distorted.

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