…and I keep getting bigger!

For the most part this pregnancy had resulted in not many changes to my everyday wardrobe as I don’t wear a lot of slim fitting clothing, other than having to switch to bottoms with elasticated waists from around 5 months. But friends, the time had come, my extensive collection of Scout tees and medium girlie fit tshirts just weren’t fitting anymore!

NB. apologies for the crappy quality phone pictures in this post, but we just moved house and I don’t know where everything is yet, so phone selfies in the mirror it is!

I came across this pattern by Whitney Deal… somewhere, I can’t remember where, and felt like the gathered front might allow me a few more inches for the bump.

I first made it in size “S” according to the bust measurement, but it was just a little too tight across the yoke stitching line (I am currently measuring around 35″ across the bust rather than my usual 33/34 due to pregnancy related boob gain!)

The pattern doesn’t really allow for much in the way of easy adjustment by altering the seam allowance, as it is drafted with 1/4″ (and 1/2″ at the hem), so rather than try and alter the S as my measurements were kind of borderline anyway, I just made up the “M” as drafted, and it fit!

I didn’t really like the length though, it made it look (to me at least) a little bit frumpy, even in my super classy Harry Potter fabric, so I put it out to feedback on instagram, then shortened it with a really deep hem in order to keep the length in case I needed it later for extra bump coverage.

It was a really quick sew, with only 6 pieces to cut out, and nothing complicated required other than a little bit of gathering along the front and back pieces, but I do prefer to work with a little more seam allowance. I finished all of the insides with my overlocker as again, there wasn’t a lot of seam allowance to play with.

I then made another two in some super stylish and not at all garish fabric….

The license plate style fabric I bought from Joann a while back, the star fabric was in my stash pre-move to the states (I think I might have bought it in Manchester).


I am mainly wearing these guys to work along with my Maternity scrub pants (they are just as stylish as you imagine them to be), and then have some regular old boring maternity tanks and tshirts from Target. I am hoping these will last me through the last couple of months…. but Baby M is growing fast and getting to be a little on the large side… so we shall see!

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