Watermelon Baby Cardigan

Am I on a knitting roll this week or what? Not only did I finish my baby blanket, but someone shared this pattern from Ravelry amongst my knitting group this week.

Adorable no?

I was pretty sure there was no way I would get around to knitting it in time (it is written for 0-3 month old babies!) But, my fellow knitters assured me that it would knit up super fast as it is small. They were, of course, correct.

It is knitted from the top down on 4mm needles (I just used regular 12″ knitting needles as I didn’t have any longer or circular needles in that size), and involves nothing more tricky than knit, purl, yarn over, and k2tog. I used Deborah Norville Everyday Baby in Green and Coral, along with some white cotton DK from my stash.

The shaping at the top is achieved by using yarn over to create eyelets (to mimic the seeds of a watermelon)/extra stitches, and then casting off stitches to create the armholes:

I used some pearl buttons from my stash of hundreds to complete it….. and it was done!

Yey! I knitted a thing! It needs a little blocking to get it into shape, but it is clear that Baby M is going to be so stylish!


  1. This is the cutest cardigan ever! I love the colours and the pattern. Amazing!!

    1. So very easy to knit too! I am very much a novice knitter, but with a little assistance from the Internet to check technique for yarn over, even I could make it!

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