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Lemon and Peppermint Cordial

Yesterday, this happened……. Yep. That is a White Chocolate Dipped-Cookie Dough Stuffed-Oreo. One of Mr M’s friends from work had brought them in, and he brought them home for me to try. It was intense. Kinda sickly, yet delicious. However, because it is so sickly, it is difficult to eat more than one at once…… […]

Summertime Drinking: Rhubarb Cordial

I love a light refreshing drink on a summery day. Or, one of the few days of the year when the sun shines and the sky is blue and all is lovely in the world. Which does occasionally happen. Even in England. My all time favourite is Elderflower cordial, Mr M and I like to […]

Grandma K’s Lemon (and Vanilla) Cordial

One of my ultimate favourite summer drinks is homemade Elderflower cordial. It’s delicious. However, due to a mixture of hecticness, and the particularly rubbish weather we have been having lately, I haven’t had chance to go for a proper flower picking session. Next best thing? My Grandma K’s Lemon Cordial. I make it two ways, […]