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Gnome love.

I fancied a little cute quick project. Meet Mr Gnome. Too cute. Who doesn’t love Gnomes? I actually have two gnomes in my garden, they are Royal Wedding themed Gnomes from last year, I got them for a super bargainous price after the event, I had managed to resist… (just about) beforehand, but once those […]

Happy Happy House

I have had this pattern awaiting stitching for a little while, in fact, since I saw it in the April issue of CrossStitcher. To begin with it looks like a random collection of colourful shapes… I showed it to my cousins wife and she said “ooh lovely… it’s very… abstract… Are they trees?” Once it’s […]

You are my Sunshine.

This is another CrossStitcher Magazine project, I loved it as soon as I saw it in the June issue. I didn’t want to make it into a bag though, it seemed like a bit of a waste of something so bright and fun. I couldn’t resist it though, so thought I would do it and […]

Emma Bridgewater Jubilee Cross stitch (updated 25.05.2012 and 05.06.2012)

Ok, so you know I said I was practicing my cross stitching ready to make that Emma Bridgewater pattern…. I finally bit the bullet, bought the threads (and some nice linen to sew it onto), and got on with it! It started with something resembling Hieroglyphs…. Then once I started to add the other colours… […]

New Baby Crafts: Springtime Name Sampler

You know that saying, something about you can’t pick your relatives? Well, if I could, I would pick my cousins, over and over again. They are super awesome. Adam and his wife just had their second baby. For baby number 1, I made some bunting, embroidered and embellished with his name, date and time of […]

Cross stitcher in training… update

So last time I posted, the training cross stitch looked like this: ….because, I had ran out of thread in order to finish it! £3.48 and a little bit of time later…. …and I had finished the stitching, and dissolved the soluble canvas… (icky stuff, but probably less fiddly than waste canvas?) Then cut out […]

Cross stitcher in training.

I think the last time I did any cross stitch, or pretty much any embroidery, was about 15 years ago. It was a box of butterflies. I think my mum still has it. But I saw a pattern I liked. It was pretty, it was cute, and it was Royal kitsch. It was however a […]