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Mycobacteria Ear Studs

I don’t get that easily annoyed by things, but sometimes, even I can’t help myself. I get mildly irritated by not being able to wear fun, cheap earrings in crazy designs (other than for short durations when dressing up in costume) due to my nickel allergy, but what really tips me over the edge into […]

I joined the Giant Camera Brigade.

So forgive me, but as yet it is mainly fixed in auto… as well…. I don’t know how to use it. To sustain my blog posting while I await being able to post pictures of some other things I’ve been working on (shhhhh! They’re secret!) I thought I would share with you a few pictures […]

Mycobacterial Cupcake Toppers.

It almost seems like a waste of an afternoon off, when the rain is pouring down, and it’s super miserable outside. However, we have had excitement today! Part of our laboratory at work has been out of action for about…. 6 months (!) or so, which has been very annoying. Today, the work is finished […]