I joined the Giant Camera Brigade.

So forgive me, but as yet it is mainly fixed in auto… as well…. I don’t know how to use it.

To sustain my blog posting while I await being able to post pictures of some other things I’ve been working on (shhhhh! They’re secret!) I thought I would share with you a few pictures of things I made to take to work with me on Friday. It was our last day of processing work at the other laboratory, so as a bit of a thank you to everyone there for accommodating us and being so helpful for the past 6 months or so, I made some more Mycobacterial toppers out of icing, and used them to top some more cupcakes:

Then made some biscuits, using the lemon zest variation from Cookie Craft Christmas (similar to the chocolate ones I made here):

…and finished those off with a topper too!

I also used them to decorate a Schokolade Kuchen, along with some letters freestyled out of fondant icing:

Lastly, some salted soft pretzels, shaped into Ts and Bs!

(Although the picture of those isn’t great!)

Everyone enjoyed them, and appreciated the appropriateness of the Mycobacteria. They are clearly just as much bacteria nerds as I am! Thanks guys!



  1. Lindz, what is the model of this camera? You use it much now? Liking it? I am thinking of buying a “proper” camera.

    1. It is a Canon 650D and I use it for pretty much all of my blog pictures now, in conjunction with Picasa for cropping etc. and Picmonkey for little extra bits.

      I love it. I have even started taking it out of Auto mode! I played about with it a bit when we went to Snoqualmie and other places in the US.

      I was showing it to Rob on Thursday and he mentioned you were thinking about getting a big camera.

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