Monthly Archives: July 2012

Pauline’s first loaf.

I woke up on Thursday morning, up out of bed… Did I get in the shower? Oh no. I went to go feed Pauline, ready for some Sourdough bread making action when I got home from work! The first thing I realised when I got home was that perhaps she needs a bigger pot…. While […]

A super duper quick birthday cake!

With it being my birthday yesterday, it left little time for baking…. But it’s the birthday of one of our good friends today….. and we were due to go for drinks at 8pm…. I don’t get home from work until 6pm…. I need to bribe people with cake to be my friends….. Ready, set, go! […]

The Sourdough adventure begins….

Woo! It was my birthday yesterday, and as such I got a whole lot of love from my friends, and some exciting gifts, including a recipe book, cheese grater, Jane Austen knitting magazines, a Kindle, and this bad boy: I have been wanting to do more bread making for a while, and as a Microbiologist, […]

Mrs M’s Birthday Treats: take 3 – Ginger Wookies

Up until about a week ago, I had never seen Star Wars. I know. Mr M bought me these: …so as part of my birthday stuff for work i decided to make some Wookies. Cue attempts to sound like Chewbacca……and utter failure! Each time I take things into work I try to do some vegan […]

Mrs M’s Birthday Treats: take 2 – Saffron Cake

About a month ago, my friend James brought in some Saffron cakes to work. He loves them, and on a trip back home to Plymouth had come over all overenthusiastic and bought 3, as they don’t generally sell them outside of Devon and Cornwall. He then realised that perhaps 3 was too many, and had […]

Rose Elliot’s Mediterranean Barley Risotto

I did mean to make this yesterday… but time sort of got away from me, and I was completing my Star Wars education by watching Return of the Jedi…. Yes, up until this last week (when I bought Mr M the complete saga on Bluray), I had never seen Star Wars…. This was a recipe […]

A little dress for a little lady

When we had the Jubilee party, Saffy (of the mouse) the daughter of one of our friends, arrived wearing a super cute and very appropriate union flag patterned dress over leggings and a top. It was cute, and you could tell the crafters amongst us as our reaction was to try and figure out how […]