Crochet practice.

Woo! 2013! Do we think it’s going to be a good year?

This wasn’t originally going to be the first post of the year. I already, in fact, had written one ready to go… but it relates to my super secret thing that I have been working on, which is a present for someone so I can’t publish it until after I have given it.

Just in case she sees it.

It’s awesome by the way.

But then I also wasn’t planning on being off work today, but I was on call last night and was up most of the night, so can’t go to work today. I also couldn’t sleep, so thought I would practice some crochet.

I bought The Complete Guide to Crochet, a Magbook by the publishers of Inside Crochet Magazine, while I was at the supermarket the other day, but was purposefully preventing myself from looking through it until I had finished my other project so I didn’t get distracted!

I flicked through it and saw a couple of things I would like to make, there are some clothing items like crochet wellie liners (tartan!), bags, home type items like doorstops… But the first thing I decided to look at was a hook roll.

One of my Christmas presents this year from Mother M was a set of crochet hooks:



They came in a little case, but I have a couple of extra hooks that I already had that won’t fit in, and it just ain’t that pretty!

The hook roll is made up of little granny squares, attached to the main part, for extra crafty decoration, so I thought I would practice making one of those with some of the wool I already had, especially as it involved changing colours between rounds:



Note bad for a first go I think, but the centre is too loose and so it doesn’t sit flat. I have to make 2 of this size, and 5 smaller ones….. But I think it will look cute once it is done!



  1. oiyoufood · · Reply

    Check you out! Your crochet-ing is as neat as your knitting! Got a better yarn shop than the fancy one in Dublin?
    I am knitting a wool scarf at the mo, not as fun as crocheting granny squares mind!x

    1. Ha! Most of my wool is from Hobbycraft at the moment, or this craft shop in the centre, Crafts and More, but we have a few proper knitting shops around that I just haven’t had chance to go to yet!

      You know what we will have to do next time you guys come visit! X

    2. And yes, scarves are dull. Have you made your little crochet kit you bought yet?

      1. oiyoufood · ·

        No, that has to wait. I finished the scarf yesterday tho. I am think of making (sewing) a couple of funky travel eye masks first and crocheting something for my mum. No idea what tho… hmmm x

      2. I made some little eye masks out of some scrap material a while back, and stitched Mr on one, and Mrs on the other… Guess who they were for? 😉

      3. oiyoufood · ·

        Huh! that’s a cute idea…stealing it! R wants them in tweed and I was thinking to fill them with dry lavender. I really want him to sleep on the plane! 😉 ( crushing sleeping tablets in them is the next step) .

      4. Oooh lavender is a fun idea. Love the smell of lavender. And it’s so appropriate for bedtime. I think I put a picture of them on one of my very early posts. X

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