Monthly Archives: January 2013

Vampire Sailor Ninni

A little while ago I saw a tutorial for a funny little monster. I loved him. For our little crafty afternoon Rachael and I decided to use up some of my fabric remnant stash and make some. Crafting! (Surrounded by piles of stuff – the way I do all my crafting. There was another picture […]

Mr T(ea Loving Rex), the Gentleman Dinosaur.

I was really really super duper excited about this post, but alas, I had to contain it, as it was a birthday present for my friend and I couldn’t post it until I had given it to her, just in case she saw it and it ruined the surprise! However, today we lunched and had […]

Crafty update: Hook Roll, Cross stitch and getting my sourdough mojo back

I have been busy I tell you! Granted, the majority of these were done yesterday when I had the day off work, but I did two of the little ones tonight. I think I might be getting the hang of it! Here’s a close up of the large ones: They are constructed of alternating rounds […]

Crochet practice.

Woo! 2013! Do we think it’s going to be a good year? This wasn’t originally going to be the first post of the year. I already, in fact, had written one ready to go… but it relates to my super secret thing that I have been working on, which is a present for someone so […]