The Room of Shame

So here’s the full post.

I generally craft in my spare room. I’m lucky to have it, but it’s generally full of piles of stuff everywhere…. like so:


It wasn’t very inspiring, and I had random bags with bits from different old projects, new bits of material, scraps of material………….. MESS! So it was definitely time to sort it out.

The benefits of living right by an IKEA is easy availability of reasonably priced flat pack furniture, so I got some new shelves and boxes, and a new day bed so that we had room to store spare bedding too.

It’s not quite done, but now at least all my bits and pieces are sorted out and I can see what I have. All the big pieces of fabric are arranged on shelves:


…and other smaller pieces sorted out into small pieces that are useful


…………………………..vs pieces that really only are useful for recycling into scrap stuffing!

And then of course the boxes of wool, and felting equipment, and the Box of SHAME!


The Box of SHAME being a box filled with unfinished projects, and some old jeans that although are now unwearable, I refuse to let go of as I love them too much!

There is method to the madness though, I have signed up for an online class with Craftsy where you make a template for a new pair of jeans from an existing pair, once we get back I plan to actually do it!

For the next few weeks I shall have limited internet access, and limited opportunity for crafting and baking as I shall be on holiday! Woo! Any updates are likely only to be food eating/ trip related, but once we’re at Ashlei’s in Seattle we shall be all internetted up and with time to relax and do whatever we like!


  1. oiyoufood · · Reply

    I have a box of shame too!! I know one day I will make a very cool thing out of my old jeans! one day… . Your way of labelling is very funky!

    1. When I get back the aim is to re-make them using the Jean-ius class! Then I will have my.favourites back!

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