Cute Camera.

We had a visit from Mr and Mrs M (Snr) last week on their way back home from Somerset. Mrs M left us… well me… the gift of a stinking cold, which led me to wreck my almost perfect sickness record and have 2 days off work. Ugh.

Sinuses blocked.

Nose running.

Irritating cough.


But being unable to do anything but lie about on the sofa watching telly (not anywhere near as fun as it sounds, although I did manage to catch up on Person of Interest and White Collar), I got out some threads and did a little cross stitch that I had earmarked a long while ago, from the July 2012 issue (254) of CrossStitcher Magazine in fact, or you can get it here.

I loved the colour of the camera in the original pattern, so decided to do it exactly as is. Although making it into a camera pouch isn’t much good for my 650D, so I decided to just stitch it and frame it.

Basic stitching:


Details stitched:





I haven’t quite decided where to put it yet, I quite fancy having lots of framed pictures and other bits up somewhere, but we need some work doing, so that may have to wait. In the meantime, it can hang out up on the mantelpiece.


How is everyone else doing?

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