I have a new toy!

Squeeeee! The excitement! Mr M bought me a present:


I took about half an hour to thread it the first time…… it was somewhat confusing. But I like that the thread channels are coloured and numbered, so now I have done it once I think it will be much easier, The most confusing part was threading the upper and lower loopers, so many levers and holes!

Very excited to put it to work this weekend!

Today we have been working on a little something, I made a cake, took it to work, then took pictures of people……. All will become clear later….. Ssssshhh! It’s a secret!



  1. I like your sewing machine! I am looking for a classical !very old hahahah

    1. This is just my overlocker, my sewing machine is older than me! I have my Grandmother’s old Bernina, she was a fantastic seamstress and used to make costumes for school productions and bridesmaids dresses for all the weddings at her church.

      Something to aspire to!

      1. Ohhhh lucky girl!! These old machines are a beautiful inheritance with beautiful inspiring stories. everything I’ve learned about sewing,embroiderry,knitting and crochet was with grandmother when I was 6 years old.UUUPIII for our grandmothers hahahah.

  2. That is a beast of a machine! I wouldn’t even know what to do with it 🙂 x

    1. It is fun! Mr M keeps wanting to play with it. He loves gadgets, even if they are of the sewing variety. He has been known to want to use the sewing machine too, and came into the room while I was making something at the weekend and wanted a go!

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