Knitted Breast.

I love my family.

We’re arranging a little family get together in a couple of months time, partially for my 30th birthday (eep!), and partially because we really like each other and don’t see each other enough! My cousin’s wife rang me about it the other day…..Only in my family would the conversation then go like this:

Z: “Actually I wanted to ask you a favour”

L: “Yep, no problem. What?”

Z: “Well you know how you like knitting?……….. Could you knit me a breast?”

L: “Sure!”

The lovely lady is an advocate for breast feeding in her local area, and in order to help women with breastfeeding, you need to demonstrate how to get your baby to latch on, technique etc, so as t give people the best chance of being able to do it for their baby. Without a prop, the only way to do this is on your own breast, so the Lactation Consultants of Great Britain have published a pattern, either Knitted or Crochet, so that you can make your own educational breast!

Here is my breast, knitted, but with a crochet base:


Of course….. this is a bit deflated looking. You can use stuffing, beans (for a bean bag type effect), or like me, you may have a box full of random little bits of material too small to do anything with but that you hoard for no reason……..


Yep. That’s me. I just can’t throw anything away. But I utilised these little scraps by cutting them into even tinier scraps and using them to stuff the breast……. Ta dah! One knitted breast complete!


I think it looks like it belongs to a Merperson from Harry Potter. But choice of colour is intentionally un-lifelike as requested, as otherwise it may be restrictive, requiring breasts of all shapes, sizes, and skin tones for proper demonstration. We are equal opportunities when it comes to breast feeding!

Breast is best.

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