DIY Ironing Board Cover

Just because I hadn’t done quite enough sewing already this weekend…….. (p.s. I also completed a currently secret gift sewing project)

I have a slightly sad ironing board, it is old, it’s covers are thin and bedraggled looking:



As I had been using it quite a bit (not for ironing any clothes you understand, just for crafting purposes), I decided it was time to fix it up a bit. So, I made a new cover and added some extra padding.

I used the board as a template and drew around it onto wadding:



I then used that as a template for the rest of the cover. I drew a border of 3 inches around the template onto my fabric:



The wadding I then put onto the ironing board, holding it in place with the old cover. 

The fabric I then modifed at the iron end, as the place where the iron sits cuts into the edge, so reduced the overlap there to 1 inch. The fabric was overlocked all around, then sewed using zigzag stitch to some 1/4 inch elastic at full stretch so that it will gather around the board underneath, then added an extra bit of elastic at the wide end to help hold it together:



….and it’s done!


p.s. the fabric is some old stuff from my stash (yep! I’m gradually using up the stash!) that I bought from IKEA years ago. It’s kinda wintery really, but I love the colours!

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