A Birthday trip to London

So, this week was my birthday…. One of my presents off Mr M was this new toy for my camera:


But also, Mr M took me to London for a couple of days. On the train. I love travelling by train! I guess this is partly because I have never had to commute by train, it might get pretty old then, and also that it always feels as if I’m going on an exciting journey. My Grandma used to take us on the train when we were younger, Grandpa K worked on the railways way back when, so Grandma K could travel free, and we would travel cheap.


Anyhow, off we went to London, and wandered around like tourists, took a trip to a certain special department store….

Liberty Package


And I treated myself to some fancy fabric (NB. by fancy I mean £22 a metre! Which is pretty fancy for me anyway, as I usually pay more like £3-4 a metre, but that is mainly because I stick to simple cotton/ polycotton):



Which is this beautiful soft Tana Lawn fabric. I even got matching thread, that’s true commitment to doing it properly. My aim is to make a Sewaholic Lonsdale dress in it, in time for Mr M’s cousin’s wedding at the end of August. Should be doable. But hopefully I shall make a practice dress first.

I also bought a remnant in this pattern:



Which hopefully I shall very soon make a new sleeveless top out of, perhaps a Sorbetto variation, as it is soooo dang hot at the moment!

We ate at Mildred’s, which was yummy, then in the evening, we went to see The Lion King, and it was great! My friend Katy and I used to watch the film a whole lot in our youth!

Now back to reality for a few days, although we’re having a little get together here to celebrate my birthday, with our friends, so I should probably get on with doing some tidying huh?

p.s. I saw this out of my window this evening. Part of the joy in living in Bristol!


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