A quick post about Cake.

Just a little wee post today. I had a little get together for my birthday yesterday, made a couple of quiches, had the obligatory cheese and pineapple on sticks, all that jazz. Mr M fired up the BBQ, so he could stand around it with other men and cook meat. The sun shone, the blue sky was out…..

But it turns out you just can’t trust anyone. You think your husband has been working late, such a stressful week he has had….


It’s not true. He was with another woman. And in fact, another man too.

But it’s forgiven, as the purpose was to make me this:


It is of course a cakey representation of my beloved Paul Smith Special Edition Rover Mini! I love my car. It gives me the same sort of response to driving it, as Mr M gets when we have curry:

Paul Smith Rover Mini

Aww thanks Husband! They even got the green Britain bit on the front grill, and the golden Paul Smith badge!

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