Monthly Archives: July 2013

A Birthday trip to London

So, this week was my birthday…. One of my presents off Mr M was this new toy for my camera: But also, Mr M took me to London for a couple of days. On the train. I love travelling by train! I guess this is partly because I have never had to commute by train, […]

DIY Child’s Apron Tutorial

While I was at my cousin’s place at the weekend, I made his wife Z an apron out of an old skirt (I had taken Bernie with me specifically for the purpose): She loved it. Especially I think seeing the material actually being used for something, the skirt in question she had made by a […]

Baking… baking… baking

So we returned from our weekend away, beautiful sunshine, fabulous family times…. and I have most of this week off! Score! Mr M was however in cake debt with work, whenever it is your birthday… you must bring cake. These days he doesn’t feel that he can just bring a bag of doughnuts like he […]