Bicycle Clutch

This little lovely I finished way back before we moved, wrapped it up, and left it with my friend Jemma for her birthday. Scarily organised of me I know.

It’s her 30th birthday after all, and while I am no longer present to make her a cake (poor show), I did put in the effort to make sure I had something sorted for her present. When I saw a fat quarter of this super cute print, I decided to make her a Cake Patterns Red Velvet Mini Clutch, just like I did for myself here.

Bicycle Print Red Velvet Mini Clutch

I also gave her a Toy Story Lego watch. Just because she’s 30, doesn’t mean she has to grow up!

This week has been spent on not one, but two hikes, and they were quite different indeed. Monday’s hike was in Almaden Quicksilver County Park, the sun was shining, the sky was blue, it was warm…… but by Friday, the weather had cooled off quite a bit, and as we had headed up the Peninsula towards Palo Alto, the weather was what I like to call “California cold”. Cold for those who live in Cali… not so much for others. I took some gloves, a warm jacket, and bound off my WIP hat (just so I had something to go round my ears) just in case, but pretty much just carried everything about with me all morning…. except for at the top:


Windy Hill Open Space? Windy was right!

I also attended a couple of knitting meetups, and have been getting on with my little projects! I might even finish one of them soon 😉

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