Sharky Wristwarmers – an actual finished WIP!

When our friends first booked to come to visit in February, we were still working together, and the one request Colin had was that we go see some sort of sports game. He didn’t really mind what, but not “Soccer” (I am afraid I will still call it football FOREVER), so we looked up the schedule for the local teams… and wahoo! The Sharks were going to be playing the day after they get here. Fate.

Now, everything I know about hockey, I know from reading Rachel Gibson’s Chinooks Hockey team series…. which is not a whole lot. So Mr M and I decided we would go to a game:

San Jose Sharks

San Jose Sharks at home to the New York Islanders. Sharks lost in the shootout. Sad times. (Sort of got what was going on though, and did get a little tip… perhaps I need to watch Mighty Ducks 1, 2, and 3? I think the guy in front did sort of suggest it in a joking way to the girl he was with… but hey, it might work!)

I thought I should embrace the spirit of the whole thing though, and as I had a lack of teal or navy blue in the wardrobe, decided to make something!

I had pinned this item from Etsy a long while ago, and while it is Stegosaurus themed, I figured I could easily adapt it to a Shark. I made them in some Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted 100% Superwash Merino Wool. Colour? JAWS! Geddit? It is available in a few different team-themed colourways, and I got it at Green Planet Yarn – super friendly and helpful, and rewound it from the pretty but annoying hank it comes in, to a ball ready for knitting! (I know the winding to be annoying, as without a gadget to do it for me, I am currently having to coax Mr M into helping me with my other wool for the Weasley jumper!) The variegated wool led to this fun pattern. They are worked in a 3kp1 rib, in the round, and I increased the size by 8 sts in the main part, and 6 in the thumb, as I found it was a little tight otherwise, although it does stretch.

So here they are….. and how about a super cheesy double thumbs up for a finished WIP!


So, they are the right colour…. but for added Sharkyness, I crocheted some fins, just out of some cheap and nasty 100% acrylic stuff from Michael’s:

Shark Fins

…and added them to the finished wristwarmers:

Shark Wristwarmers

I did debate over adding teeth to the inner edge of the thumb and side edge of the hand…. but thought that would probably be overkill.

So yeah, check me out finishing something and everything! Woo! Go me!

Now I’m going to try and get on with something productive, and shall leave you with this picture of Linux in a box:

Linux in a box.

You are welcome.


  1. Err those are pretty awesome, I think I will need some too!! Maybe as a hammerhead shark?

    1. Sharkie isn’t a Hammerhead though!

      1. Oh Sharky is a their mascot?

      2. Yep. He likes to eat hockey sticks.

      3. Oh cool, he sounds like a dude

  2. Nice! They are pretty badass 😛

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